İstanbul'u Bir De Havadan Keşfedin- Helikopter Turu
A city at the confluence of two continents appear in the air! HORN: Miniatürk, Eyüp Sultan, Pierre Loti, Feshane, Walls, Chora Museum, Fener Patriarchate, Fatih Mosque, Galata Bridge, Karaköy Harbour

DISCOVER AN AIR in Istanbul. 

Open-air museum in Istanbul who immerses you want to watch 
To give a very special gift for loved ones who 
Unique Istanbul who want to save images to the camera 
Every weekend a memorable 25-minute helicopter tour over the skies of Istanbul is waiting for you. 

For Reservations +90 212 514 43 04 / 06 / 08


A city at the confluence of two continents appear in the air !

HORN : Miniatürk , Eyüp Sultan , Pierre Loti , Feshane , Walls, Chora Museum , Fener Patriarchate , Fatih Mosque, Galata Bridge , Karaköy Harbour

HISTORICAL PENINSULA : Suleymaniye Mosque , Beyazit Tower, the Grand Bazaar, the Obelisk, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace

THROAT ( Anatolian Side) : Haydarpasa Train Station , Haydarpasa , Selimiye Barracks , Maiden's Tower, Uskudar , Bosphorus Bridge , Beylerbeyi Palace , Military High School , Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge , Anadolu Hisar , Khedive Pavilion , Küçüksu Palace , the Black Sea Log

THROAT ( European Side) : Tarabya, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge , Rumeli Hisar , Baby, Bosphorus Bridge , Ortakoy , Ciragan Palace , Dolmabahce Palace, Inonu Stadium , Taksim Square , Galata Tower

Takeoff and Landing Spot : Miniatürk

Address: Sütlüce Quarter, İmrahor Exchange Street Station Sütlüce , Istanbul

Reservation: Genceli Tourism - +90 212 514 43 04 / 06 / 08

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