2 Nights 3 Days Package Program
Day 1: Meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, check-in hotel. Leisure time. Overnight at the hotel. (Excursions surcharge) Day 2: Breakfast at otele.Ekskursiya on Stambulu- Bosphorus Bridge and Lookout Ploschadka- Panorama Museum 1453- Yedikule Castle or (Semibashenny Castle) - Free time. Bosphorus Bridge - the first suspension bridge over the Bosphorus. It connects the European and Asian side of Istanbul. The bridge - 1560 meters, the length of the main span 1074 meters, width of the bridge - 33 meters, the height of the supports - 165 meters above the water. From the roadway to the water surface, 64 meters. 

Observation Point - located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is one of the highest points in Istanbul. From the observation deck offers a picturesque view of the city. Panoramic view Museum- 1453 In 1453, on May 29 the young Sultan Mehmet II went on a campaign against Constantinople and conquered the ancient city, turning it into the capital of the Byzantine Empire in the new capital of the Ottoman Empire. This event is written many books and filmed a lot of movies. But there is another way to learn, and even watch the conquest of Istanbul. To do this, there is a museum in the city of Panorama in 1453. 

Castle Yedikule or (Semibashenny Castle) - the famous fortress in Istanbul, organized by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1458, shortly after the capture of Constantinople, by extension to the four walls of an ancient tower Theodosiev at the Golden Gate city three more massive fortress bashen.V sultan kept his treasury and archives . It also contained the political opponents of the Sultan, including after fighting with him powers (such as PA Tolstoy and Bulgakov YI). Some of them (Napoleon's emissary Pukvil Francois, 1799-1801) felt very at ease in the fortress, and indulged in literary work consisted in constant correspondence with his government. At the same time, many were executed Yedikule disgraced viziers, the last Emperor of Trebizond and Wallachian ruler Constantine Brynkovyanu.Vnutrenny courtyard of the fortress was enlivened by a miniature mosque with a fountain. In the 1830s Yedikule longer used as a prison, the barracks were demolished and in their place built a school. In 1895 Semibashenny castle was declared a museum. Day 3 Breakfast at the hotel. Leisure time. Transfer to / Oporto.
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