Palazzo Donizetti / Near New City Center Palazzo DonizettiPalazzo DonizettiPalazzo DonizettiPalazzo DonizettiPalazzo Donizetti
Name during the Ottoman Empire , Beyoglu ' living in the famous Italian musician , Palazzo Donizetti Hotel in Istanbul Beyoglu Located in Asmalimescit in 2010 has been restored buildings you with the history towards an enjoyable trip yaptırı the Beyoglu , Taksim , Pera and Asmalımescit , as İstiklal Street located in the center of entertainment and cultural activities by Palazzo Donizetti Hotel , in terms of architecture has been designed according to your liking and 79 rooms in the hotel will attract your liking restaurant, bar and spa center at your disposal. Our hotel is within walking distance to metro and tram stops .
Eye-catching style Italian Carrera marble , antique Venetian style colors , stained glass lighting, classic high ceilings decorated with gold leaf motifs and historic hotel building are some of the architectural decoration will catch your attention . Palazzo Donizetti Hotel electrically operated approximately 105 years old antique lift, guests are experienced Beyoglu nostalgia .
Palazzo Donizetti Hotel Taksim Square , Asmalımescit , Pera, Istiklal Street , and Dolmabahce Palace is located close to the tunnel .
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