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This hotel is your home on the banks of the Bosphorus.
Comfort and cosiness - that's the main things we make for our guests. You may choose any place in our hotel: a cozy outdoor terrace overlooking the Bosphorus, or the roof terrace with panoramic scenery of the Bosphorus, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, or your own room - cozy and comfortable... In any case, we will make you feel at home - good, warm and happy.
We judge any person by his face, and any hotel - by its external decoration. Tria is a special class hotel, which differs from other hotels in the city in its wooden coverage of noble dark-red color. At the entrance to the hotel you will find two marble columns. Their history is amazing! They were found in the old city during amateurish excavations and evaluated by connoisseurs as the columns of late Byzantine period. These marble witnesses of Constantinople's life of the 13th century were presented to Tria Hotel. There's wicker furniture with cushions, made from ecologically clean material, on both sides of the columns. Take a seat and enjoy the sea view. We offer our guests to have a break, sitting in the comfortable chairs next to the antique columns and enjoying the cosiness. At this time you will be served with tea and you'll feel right at home. But your home will be moved to the banks of the Bosphorus, leaving all your everyday troubles which we will try to solve... You just have to get up, sit on the upper terrace, take off your shoes, take a book or simply admire the Bosphorus, enjoying cleanness and comfort...
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