Marinem İstanbul / Old City Area
Marine Family as our vision together with our services in the tourism sector can move up to our standards. 
2 Marine Group in Ankara, Istanbul, 1, 1 in Patara in Antalya, Antalya and Bodrum in Beldibi 1 1 bulunmaktadır.ileri our facility in the years to further our aim to increase this number. 
There are a total of 70 rooms. 47 Standard rooms 17 family rooms, 2 suites consists of four large rooms. Our first room kişiliktir.2 SUIT 6 beds, 2 double beds custom made, custom made 2 single beds. Our two room suite 8 kişiliktir.2 beds, 2 units custom made bed for 2 people, 2 single beds and offers custom made.
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